You don't always need a big budget, or an over-sentimental story to turn a movie into a good drama, as this movie shows.

I don't necessarily see this movie a particularly powerful or emotional movie, since I didn't felt all that involved and the movie also progressed in a somewhat predictable manner but I simply do see it as a well put together movie and drama.

It picks a minimalistic approach, in an attempt to add to its realism. And yes, it works though I still also had some problems with its style and approach. Thing that annoyed was that it was trying too hard to be an independent flick at times, with some very typical things in it, such as shaky cam and sudden zooms, which is something I got tired off years ago already, since it all feels far too forced and works as mostly distracting.

Another thing was the lack of music. Now, the movie probably didn't wanted to have any distractions from its story and characters in it but some sequences could had really used a musical score, that could had emphasized and strengthened some of the movie its drama at times.

But those are all my complaints really. Other than that, this is simply a fine movie to watch, whether you can relate to any of the situations or characters, or not. I think that one of the powers of its story and characters also are that we all know that stuff like this is going on and everything that got depicted in this movie could really be going on somewhere, at this very moment. In that regard this movie is also being perhaps a somewhat important one, that helps to create more awareness, by putting certain things, that aren't easily and much talked about, into the spotlight.

The movie is also simply just worth watching for its acting alone. Again, the movie was aiming for a realistic approach with its acting, which must had been the foremost reason why they cast mostly unknowns and inexperienced persons. The big names that are in this movie are big names because they are big in a totally different field. Singers Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz appear in this movie for instance, in some rather big and important roles as well.

But it of course mostly is Gabourey Sidibe that carries this movie. And for a d├ębutant she is doing surprisingly well and really fitted the role. But Mo'Nique still gives the perhaps most talked about performance in this movie. And yes, she was absolutely great, though I also should admit that I couldn't help keep imagining her character appearing in a comedic movie as well. I don't know, something about it strikes me as funny, probably because I just can't imaging a character like her being real, though of course in fact there sadly are plenty of people in real life who are just like that.

Really all criticism aside, this is a great and still effective, minimalistic drama!


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