Well, first of all, I can totally understand someone not liking this movie. In today's perspective, it might come across as a bit of a weird and pointless movie, that doesn't even necessarily follow a script. But you have to put this movie in perspective and really look at it as a product and reflection of its time.

Back in 1969, this was an incredibly relevant movie. An entire generation of course grew up during this period, in which people were in constant search of themselves, true freedom and happiness. They wanted to break free from the system and live life to the max, by their own rules and morals. Yes, drugs were also a big part of this philosophy, as this movie also very clearly shows.

Life was taken as a true journey, which is exactly what the two main characters out of this movie are doing. They are traveling from Los Angeles to New Orleans, in search. In search of what? Well, I don't necessarily believe they knew that themselves but in order to go in search of something, you don't always have to set a main goal. Sometimes you just don't know what you are searching- and in need for and just have to take things as they happen and look at everything with a free and open mind. I think this movie reflects all of those themes perfectly.

And like I said before, the movie doesn't really follow a clear main plot line, just like life basically. Some people might have problems with this while watching but I in this particular case liked the approach, since it suited the movie its themes and atmosphere.

And all of the drug use in this movie was obviously all too real, since otherwise there could have been no way that a movie like this could had been made, the way it is, in my opinion. It can get a pretty trippy movie at times, in which the main actors are obvious just improvising away. But again, also this truly adds to the movie its themes and overall atmosphere.

It of course also was the movie that launched the careers of many involved, mainly of course Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson. And all do a great job with their roles, no matter how crazy and stoned they got at times, which probably is the secret though as to why their performances work out so well within this movie.

A great minimalistic and on its surface also simplistic movie, that is being a great reflection of its time and of an entire generation.


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