This is not simply an independent movie, it's an amateur movie! It got put together by a bunch of friends, with a passion for movie making but without a sufficient budget. It makes the movie quite awkwardly looking in parts but it doesn't prevent it from becoming a fun and still quite good one.

It is a pretty odd movie, that is hard to take seriously really but then again, not all movies are supposed to be taken serious. Sometimes movies can just offer you simple pleasure and the creators of this movie must besides had some pretty good fun with it as well, which can be seen back on the screen.

If it wasn't for Sam Raimi's involvement, this movie would had probably been lost into obscurity already. Raimi and director Josh Becker were friends at the time and most of the movie got shot in Bruce Campbell's backyard. All pretty awesome facts that don't help to make the movie any better but it is something that makes this movie a curiosity piece for a whole bunch of people out there.

And yes, the movie is actually worth watching. It's stupid, it's simple, it's cheap but it is fun as well! At first this movie didn't seemed like it would be a good one at all. For the longest time the story was going absolutely nowhere and was simply dragging on, no doubt to extend its running time. The real 'story' and fun kicks in during its second half, when the movie turns into a good old fashioned exploitation flick.

No doubt that the '70's exploitation genre formed the biggest inspiration for this movie. The second half of the movie is nothing but violence and gore. No nudity though, though the movie also easily could had gone that way. It's that kind of movie! The violence and gore isn't all that convincing and very over the top really but this all adds to the overall fun level of the movie.

There is no way that you could call this a great movie but it's one you can have a great time with while watching and having a couple of laughs at it while still being entertained by it all. It's not laughable bad, it's enjoyable bad! And the film-makers luckily had no problem with this and didn't took themselves very seriously to begin with.


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