Of course this by no means is a great movie but within its genre it still works out as something great and enjoyable to watch!

Actually, when you start over-analyzing it, it's a poorly made movie but with this sort of movies you shouldn't read too much into stuff like that. They are made for entertainment and simple entertainment does this movie provide! It actually is one of the better exploitation movies out there to watch, which already makes this a must-see for the fans of the genre.

I say it's an exploitation flick but for normal exploitation movie standards, this movie is quite tame. There is a minimal amount of violence and there is some nudity and rape but nothing too graphic or hard to watch. It's more an exploitation flick with the setup of its story and characters and just overall atmosphere and tone of the movie.

It's hard to say why this movie works out so well really, since the story really isn't anything special or original and the movie can be quite random at times. I guess it simply works out as a good movie because it has a good flow to it and plenty of variety. It can be a slow movie at times but it never becomes a boring one. Maybe it also helps that the movie is being so simplistic with its story. It makes the movie pleasant to follow.

With these sort of movies it very rarely matters that they are cheap looking ones, with bad picture and sound quality and some bad actors in it. All of this only adds to the charm and appeal of these sort of movies. And this movie is very appealing and easy to like as well. If you simply want some good, fast, simple entertainment, exploitation flicks often are the ones to go to and this movie is perfect for that as well!

Strangely enough I also liked the fact that this movie featured no music in it. I don't know, it sort of made some of the sequences and moments in this movie stand out and made things ominous and more direct, like straight into your face, without any needless distractions to them.

A really enjoyable movie within its sort!


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