On paper this movie probably sounds like a very odd and boring movie. And it also is being quite simplistic and minimalistic with about everything but the movie is never boring to watch. Through its mood and atmosphere this actually becomes a quite fascinating watch!

This is a very quiet movie, literally. It prefers images over dialog but that doesn't mean that the movie doesn't feature a clear story. Everything is easy to understand and follow and you really can't call this movie a pretentious one, even though it has all of those ingredients in it. Its quite an accomplishment how this movie manages to create a certain mood and atmosphere for the movie and tells its story mostly trough just that. You understand what the characters are going through and what they feel and what they must be thinking, even though they don't express it verbally.

It's also one of those movies most people will get different things out off. For me it was a movie about contrasts. Here we have a macho like movie, with macho characters, doing tough things but yet the movie, with all of its themes, is very gentle and about feelings and emotions, which you wouldn't expect in a macho like movie. It keeps things interesting to watch, even when there isn't an awful lot going on, on screen. It's also because even though that the movie is slow and quiet there still is a constant undertone of tension throughout the movie. It makes it also feel like something could happen at any moment in it and things could go terrible wrong, or people might snap at any moment in it.

Basically its a very well made that got beautifully and effectively directed by Claire Denis. It gets you involved and the calm, slow approach of the movie works really suiting, which draws you into the movie even more.


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