Like always, I'm willing to give a bad movie a chance and try not to be biased toward its, just because of its title and the poor rating it's receiving everywhere. However no, there really is no point in defending this movie or try to let it sound any good, since there are absolutely no redeeming qualities about this movie at all.

It's being a very typically, bad looking and poorly sounding, '60's genre flick, made for 10 dollars and a bottle cap. The low budget can explain the movie its look and poor actors involved but it can't be an excuses for its lacking script.

Stuff doesn't really ever make any sense and it's very hard to discover a main plot line in this mess of a movie. I really don't know what this movie was trying to tell, since its jumping all over the place and most stuff seems to happen very randomly, while some of the other stuff simple feels totally pointless and out of place, such as all of the dancing sequences.

It's not focused on anything at all. Everything falls flat because of that. It's as if they had absolutely no idea what they were doing and purely based on its story alone already, there is no good reason why this movie exists. It should had never been made!

Now, I'll give the movie that it clearly got putted together by a bunch of people who love classic horror. There clearly are some references to some of the '30's genre stuff and I also actually have no doubt about that some of Ray Dennis Steckler's other movies are far better ones, as long as they had a more decent enough script to work with but I'm probably being too kind and hopeful right now.

The title of this movie might make you curious enough to watch it but trust me, you are far better off simply skipping it, even if you are into bad cinema.


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