Basically the thing that makes this movie a great watch is that it's being very self aware. It understands the genre that it's being part of and uses all of its clichés and yet manage to turn it into something fun, without ever becoming a true spoof of the genre.

It really uses all of the familiar genre ingredients, of a couple of friends going to a cabin in the woods (hence the movie its title!), in the middle of nowhere. You of course already know what will be happening all to them...or do you? The story manages to give some spins to its movie, that are unusual, surprising and original but above all things are also things to add to the movie its fun.

It obviously got put together by a bunch of people who had a true love for the genre and also really understood it. They understood what it is that makes a great genre movie and also what annoys the lovers of the genre, which is something this movie makes perfectly and subtly fun of at times. Because yes, make no mistake about it, this movie is a horror but at the same time also really a comedy! It makes this movie perfect to watch for all sorts of people. It's a great and fun movie for the horror lover and the more casual movie goer will also surely enjoy the ride because of its comedy elements.

Because the movie, despite all of its clichés, manages to become such an original one, it is already being considered to be one of the best genre movies of recent years. Perhaps I wouldn't go that far but it definitely is one of the more original and fun genre movies of recent years.


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