Basically this is a movie with some good- and some bad points to it but overall it still remains a watchable enough movie, that is not as bad as some people try make you believe it is.

It's definitely true that this feels and looks like a very typical genre movie. It starts off like a typical haunted house flick, like we have seen oh so many of already. It's clich├ęd and formulaic but the movie still manages to throw in a couple of twists to keep things interesting and going.

Not that all twists are great but some of them still work out well for the movie. It's best to simply watch this movie without reading or seeing anything about it. Let the story surprise you, even though changes are you will probably not going to like everything that the story will be offering you.

I feel that the movie would had been better off if it simply went for one clear approach. It now instead is a bit of everything; a haunted house movie, a mystery, a thriller. The movie keeps switching styles a bit too often.

Problem with the movie is that it's also being a bit of a slow and boring one at first. Luckily the movie starts to pick up some pace later on but this of course doesn't make the first half of the movie any better to watch.

Of course the movie gets also uplifted by its cast. It was great watching Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz but Naomi Watts is a bit wasted. Her role is too small to really make an impact, even while her character still seemed to be an important one for its story.

Not great and really nothing too special but also nothing horrible either!


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