It all sounds so awesome. A movie titled "Bad Ass", starring Danny Trejo in the lead role of a movie involving a revenge plot. But let me tell you that this movie only sounds good and awesome on paper. The movie, to be very honest, is not just bad, it's REALLY bad.

I always thought that it would be great to see Danny Trejo playing the lead role in movies more often. I thought that his charisma would be more than enough to carry a movie but there is a very simple reason as to why he rarely plays a big role in a movie; he just can't act very well! It bring the movie down and the presence of some great other actors can't even help all that much. Charles S. Dutton and Ron Perlman are present in this movie but their roles are quite limited and they play some very interchangeable parts.

But biggest problem of the movie remains that it has a very bad and even really ridicules story. Yes, even for a revenge-flick! I don't know if I would even call this a revenge flick, since the whole revenge element really doesn't seem to play a that big role in the story. Especially not when the story keeps on developing, as it progresses. The movie becomes something totally different and starts to feature some type of nonsensical criminal plot, involving local politics, which all felt really out of place for this movie. Suddenly simply seeking revenge doesn't seem to be the main aim for the movie anymore. So if you expect this movie to feature Danny Trejo as some sort of vigilante, kicking some thugs and street punks' butts, you are wrong! He occasionally still fights people but it all seems to be so incredibly random and completely irrelevant to the story.

And talking about out of place and irrelevant; the movie features some awfully misplaced and lame comedy in it. It's as if the film-makers were afraid that people would take them too seriously with this movie but let me tell you, this movie would had been far better of if it simply was a very straight-forward revenge flick, without any distractions in it.

But what else could you have expected from the director of "Saving Ryan's Privates", "The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It" and "Breaking Wind". Craig Moss hasn't made a serious movie in his life yet and he clearly wasn't planning to start on it with this movie.

A disappointingly bad, lame and poorly put together movie, entirely build around the fact that Danny Trejo is a 'bad ass' but unfortunately the movie really doesn't know what to do with this.


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