To be honest, I always thought that this movie had some real potential in it. It at least sounded that way, when I learned about its premise of two CIA agents, almost literally, battling for the same girl, with their skills and tools. It was a good comedy premise, in my opinion, that however is poorly written and the movie still foremost remains a typical romantic-comedy, despite having an original and unusual concept to it.

The whole concept sounded good, fun and interesting on paper but the execution of it is definitely lacking. First of all, the action just never blends in with any of its comedy or romantic aspects, which already makes this a very unbalanced movie. It's because the movie and its story is such a implausible one, that makes even less sense and makes you even more angry, the more you start thinking about it.

It just never feels realistic that two friends, let alone two responsible CIA agents, would battle each other over one and the same girl, who isn't even all that special. I mean, I'm sorry, I like Reese Witherspoon and all but there is absolutely nothing about her or her character in this movie that makes you understand why these two guys are going through so much trouble for her.

And is it supposed to be a romantic idea that two guys are abusing their positions and are giving all they got in their powers, to force a girl to fall in love with them? Because that basically is what they do. They spy on her, plant cameras in her house and whatever more, only to learn more about her and what she wants and is looking for in a guy. Nothing spontaneous or heartfelt about any of that, which also causes none of the romantic aspects to ever work out about this movie. As a matter of fact, it makes the movie quite awkward with some of its moments.

You feel that this movie would had been a far better one if it had simply gone all out with its comedy. This movie would had been better if the comedy was more over-the-top. That way you wouldn't take this movie as seriously, as you are forced to do now at times.

But it's also definitely due to it that the movie had been miscast, that nothing about this movie ever works out the way it was supposed to do. It is very obvious that neither Chris Pine or Tom Hardy was first choice. They weren't even second or third choice but eventually ended up getting the part, after it had been turned down by several other actors already. I have nothing against Chris Pine or Tom Hardy but these guys aren't really suitable for a movie of this sort. They can't handle comedy too well and besides don't have enough on screen chemistry with each other and the Reese Witherspoon character. You never really believe these guys are friends in the first place and you just also never really believe they are being madly in love with Reese Witherspoon's character.

Perhaps thing could had been also spiced up a bit more if it featured an interesting side-plot. Something that involved a criminal plot for instance. After all, these guys are CIA agents but all we see them do is abuse all of their skills and technologies for the sake of courting a girl and sabotaging each other.

There are still people out there who would find this something hilarious and entertaining to watch. I'm not looking down at those persons but I will say that most people will still be annoyed and perhaps even offended by this implausible movie, with a bad script and weak execution.


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