This never had been a movie people were expecting lots of great things off. However the closer it came to its release date the bigger the buzz about it got, that it actually was going to be a pretty great and hilarious movie. And it is a surprisingly good movie but it also definitely is not without its flaws and weaknesses as well.

I was honestly really loving the movie for its first 30 minutes or so. The comedy was great and the movie genuinely made me laugh. What I loved about it was that it was being build up and treated almost like a serious movie, even while the events and characters themselves were being pretty silly. It's not the same sort of lame and childish comedy you are accustomed to seeing, in modern day comedies. It's refreshing that the movie is taking its own approach to its comedy and is also doing some unexpected and original stuff with it at times.

The story and its concept were also definitely likable aspects about this movie. Having two cops going undercover at an high school of course gives the writers plenty of room and opportunity to come up with lots of comical situations. But what is good about it is that its script is cleverly avoiding all of the clich├ęs and the story still mostly works out as a surprise, though the story of course never really becomes the most important aspect of the movie.

It's also all really about its two main characters and their dynamics. Even all of the Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum haters will be able to laugh and like them, in this particular movie. They handle all of the comedy well and suit their roles. It's funny how Channing Tatum seems to have far more range and charisma in a comedy, as opposed to in a more serious role. I would definitely urge him to do more comedies in the near future, since he seems to be really comfortable- and has a true talent for the genre. I also feel I should mention Ice Cube, who was greatly hilarious, in a small role.

But it's not like the whole movie is just a great and hilarious one to watch. Its middle part was not bad but it was definitely lacking. The first part of the movie had so much pace to it but the movie slows down a bit too much in the middle, which also makes the movie feel a bit overlong. Really, the movie would had been a better one if it was 15 minutes shorter or if it had maintained its good and quick pace, throughout the entire movie its duration.

It's still a great comedy, that will make you laugh and I can certainly guarantee you that. It just has some weaker and slower moments in it as well, which just prevents me from calling this movie an absolute must-see.


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