This movie seemed like it would be some decent entertainment but I must say I was overall disappointed, with the entire movie.

Problem I mostly had with this movie, was that everything was getting presented in a very epic way but the movie itself was still far from one. It's probably because the story never flows well enough and all of the events and characters within this movie seem to be very random.

There is never really a sense of excitement or adventure in this movie, even while it obviously was featuring an exciting and adventurous concept. It's just because the story never really seems to get off the ground and none of the characters get handled and developed properly enough. This especially goes for the villains and the movie its sidekicks. They just never seem to have a big enough impact on its story and actually come across as redundant, even though they were not of course.

Perhaps it's also true that the story and the movie itself was lacking some true originality. Sure, it's based on a 100-year old story, so perhaps you can't really blame the source material but we have seen similar sort of stories already getting told so many times already, throughout the years. This movie offers far too little new and only remains visually a still interesting enough movie.

I wasn't always too fond- or impressed with its special effects but I still liked the movie its look and designs. The character design for all of the aliens was pretty good, as were all of its weaponry and vehicles. It's obvious that a lot of time and effort got put into this movie but it still didn't always paid off all, due to its formulaic story and not adventurous and daring enough approach to its storytelling.

Who knows, maybe future John Carter movies will be still way better ones but at this moment in time, I won't be very interested in seeing any more of them.


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