The main concept of this movie is already a pretty weird and original one to begin with. It's not the sort of stuff you would normally come up with, when trying to write and create a movie. The main concept itself doesn't sound all that compelling but it's more the execution and the originality of it all that makes this a great watch.

So here is the concept; A young man travels from house to house and stays at people's homes while they are away on vacation or out of town for a couple of days. While he is at their homes he cleans and fixes stuff, takes some pictures and then gets out again, when the residents return. Who comes up with this sort of stuff? Ki-duk Kim does apparently!

But it's being all strangely compelling and entertaining. It's pretty simplistic and small with all of the stuff it does but this actually makes the movie kind of a sweet movie to watch.

Especially when the unusual love story kicks in, between the main character and an abused wife. What is all the more special and unusual about it is that not one of them says a single word during this entire movie. Other characters speak but never its two main characters, which fortunately does not become just a gimmick for the movie but actually adds to its story and overall way of storytelling.

It's an unusual movie but never a pretentious or over artistic one. It's a perfectly accessible movie to watch, for just about everybody. Granted that its second half is not really up to par with its first and things can get a bit too odd at times but overall this doesn't take anything away from the overall movie experience, which was something entertaining and refreshing.

The movie is not a comedy but it still has some strangely comical moments in it, which mostly comes from the movie its absurdity. This is something that works really pleasant for the movie and makes this a rather nice and easy watch.

Especially for the lovers of Asian cinema, this is an absolute must-see!


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