Thing that these little, European, animated movies always have going for them is the fact that they are unique to look at. They have a visual style and atmosphere of its own, that is being quite different from any of the animated movies, coming from the big studios. And this is probably the only thing that this movie still has going for it really.

Sorry to say but this movie really isn't much special. Story-wise it's all a bit too familiar and it doesn't has enough excitement or originality to offer. This feels like a typical animated movie, for kids to watch early on a Saturday or Sunday morning. So it's still good and enjoyable enough all but just nothing special really. It's not a movie that will stick to your mind, for a very long time.

Visually it's a pleasant movie to look at but again, it's nothing that special really. The animation is actually quite simplistic, which prevents the movie from ever doing anything groundbreaking or impressive to look at. The movie does still have a couple of stylish and artistic moments in it but unfortunately the most impressive thing to look at are still its end credits.

I'm not even all that sure about it if this is a movie all children will enjoy. There are some comical moments in it but the story itself is lacking some real excitement and isn't always that interesting to follow and to keep your interest, let alone that of young children. But luckily it's only an hour short movie, so it also never starts to become a boring or one, or anything like that.

Good enough but really nothing Oscar worthy.


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