It's sort of funny. Unlike most others, I don't mind big and overblown Michael Bay's movies at all. However his Transformers movies always have been ones that I could never really enjoy watching, while they are the biggest and most overblown Michael Bay movies out there.

Reason as to why I liked this movie far better than the previous two Transformers movies is because this time around I could actually understand what was going on, on screen and with its story. Not that it's well written or a terribly clever story but I at least could understand all that was going on. I don't even remember all that much about the first two Transformers movies, because they seemed terribly random with its story and got told very messily.

But really, this is not the only thing that this movies does better than any of its predecessors. Also for the first time ever I truly got a sense of it that the Autobots and Decepticons were at a full scale war with each other. And what a war it was! Visually and with its special effects, this movie is truly a great and spectacular one! The battles have never looked bigger or better and overall they also have a more type of special-effects vibe to it this time.

So both the Autobots and Decepticons work out better in the story, this time around but so do all of its human characters. Thing that really annoyed me about the first two movies was how it seemed to focus way too much on the human characters, while they didn't even seemed to fit into its story all that well. In this movie it all works out way better. The human plot lines are just as 'good' and 'interesting' as that of the Transformers and all of the story lines besides feel more connected to each other and less random. It definitely makes the movie more enjoyable to watch and it makes you forget that it's almost 3 hours long as well.

Of course there is still plenty to complain about. The action and interaction between the humans and Transformers still feels a bit awkward at times really and so does its comedy. It's shocking how lame and totally out of place its humor is at times. Another thing that started to annoy me after a while were its slow-motion moments. Really, what was up with that? Sometimes they would go on for ever and ever, without a real good reason for it and it became laughable, instead of awesome, like it was supposed to be. Also it was weird that you kept hearing all of the Transformers voices crisp and clear, no matter how much noise there was. Things like this bugged me, as did its simplistic story of course.

And does the presence of Frances McDormand or John Malkovich add a lot to the movie? Not really but they got obviously put in to give the movie a more serious status, as if this time things would be different and more focused on its story and acting, while this of course really wasn't the case at all.

But still, do all of these things really matter for a movie of this sort? This is simple entertainment and at entertaining this movie does not fail. Say what you will about Michael Bay but he is a guy that can make a $200,000,000 movie, of which you can see every cent back on the screen. The action is simply amazing and absolutely spectacular at times. They came up with some good set pieces, which also gives the movie a true sense of war and intensity. Really, this movie is already worth seeing for its action and special effects alone.

Simply enjoy it for what it is; a big dumb, overblown, action movie, that simply entertains and brings plenty of visually great excitement to the screen to enjoy.


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