No doubt about it this is a visually impressive and well directed movie but the whole point and purpose of it still confuses me.

I just can't really see what this movie is exactly trying to tell with its story and images and the movie doesn't really put me in a mood to start thinking deep about it. It's not really engaging or intriguing enough for that, though as a random observation of life, I can still enjoy this movie for what it is.

Yes, I enjoyed it and it really isn't half as boring as most people try to make you believe it is, though it might be all just a matter of taste of course really. You could say there isn't really happening in this movie, or you could take it as a sort of ode to life and our existence. I really thought the movie did an incredible job following and capturing the early years of a young boy's life and that of his family. Everything that is happening and they are doing is something incredibly genuine and realistic feeling. I'm sure that especially Americans will recognize a lot that is in it and should remind them of their own childhood.

And really, no matter how you think or feel about this movie, you must be able to admit that it still is a really well directed one. It's really visually orientated and it also very often chooses to tell its story with its images, rather than with its actual story or dialog. It give the movie a sort of artistic and poetic sense to it but not in a too pretentious way really. Now, I'll admit that I can often appreciated Terrence Malick's work, so if you don't, then simply just stay away from this movie, since this obviously isn't the right movie for you and there is nothing wrong with that of course.

Besides the visual orientated directing approach, also the cinematography itself and the editing are truly fantastic. Really, you could watch this movie still for just its visuals and you'll most likely won't regret it afterward.

This is a perfectly watchable movie in my opinion, that works visually splendid and also as a simple, straightforward movie. Problem is that the movie obviously tried to be far more than just that and who knows, maybe you'll also still get more out of this movie. I surely didn't.


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