What a shame. It truly seemed like this was going to be a real great and a true original Giallo movie but after a promising start, the movie starts to go downhill.

Normally I say that weird is good, especially for a movie in this genre. However in this case it did not work out too well. It instead made the movie unnecessary hard to follow and besides, the movie itself wasn't done all that well, which made it a bit of a clumsy and awkward one to watch at times.

The editing for instance was totally off at times. It was amazing how incredibly bad and totally amateur like it was at times. Characters change positions, scenes don't flow naturally, it truly was all very distracting at times and totally can take you out of the movie.

But obviously the story itself is also quite lacking. I wouldn't necessarily say this is even a classic Giallo that follows all of the rules by the book, which is of course not a bad thing but it is when it's not really offering you enough else for it instead. Despite of having a fine concept, it isn't really using it well enough to its own advantage. Sometimes it really takes a long while for a murder to finally occur again, which also makes this movie feel a bit overlong, even though it's a quite short movie actually.

Also the mystery of the movie itself was really lacking because you simply don't ever really care about anything about it. It's all brought in a quite messy way and not as something interesting or nail biting. Besides, it was pretty much clear to me who the killer was supposed to be, pretty early on in the movie already. Normally Giallo's can really fool me but just not this one. It all was a bit too clear and obvious.

The movie uses some great camera tricks at times, which can be something real awesome and impressive at times. And I also do still believe that the lovers of the genre will still get plenty out of this movie. It's being a pretty good one with its gore and it also still has a typical and very distinctive genre style and atmosphere over it.

You could praise the movie for trying to be original at times but unfortunately as a whole the movie is still a real lacking one.


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