This has always been one of my favorite movies. But please note that favorite in my book is still something totally different than best. It's just so that this is one of the most entertaining movies I have ever seen.

Basically this is a movie about a hunt for treasure/gold but set in modern times and in the midst of a modern war situation. Seriously, how many other adventure for treasure movies are out there, set in modern times, in the first place. This alone already makes this movie a real original one. But it's an original and unique movie, in so many more ways.

It's also a war movie, dealing with some serious and heavy issues at times but yet the movie overall is still being a very fun and entertaining one, due to the approach by director David O. Russell, that turns this movie into a subtle comedy, combined with some heavy moments and a strong anti-war message beneath it all.

Really, it's one of the best anti-war movies I have ever seen. It shows the craziness of it all and in particular that of the whole Gulf war. It's a movie that is definitely not afraid to criticize the American involvement and show how some poor political choices made a lot of innocent people suffer. It's really making a statement about this but without shoving things down your throat or constantly putting too much emphasis on it, so it never becomes a distracting or annoying thing. Expect for its ending maybe. Lets just say it's not my favorite part of the movie but oh well, it obviously didn't ruined the whole overall movie experience for me.

It's not the biggest movie in terms of its action but yet the movie still feels like a real spectacular one. It's because the movie always a good quick constant pace and style to it. It literally never slows down and it makes sure there is always something happening on screen.

It also really was the movie that introduced Mark Wahlberg to most of the world, as a serious actor. It also probably still is one of his best and most fun roles. But basically everybody is great and fun to watch in this movie. And with George Clooney playing the lead role, little could go wrong really.

A truly unique and original movie, even still now days, that works so well, on many different levels.


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