Like many others, I was getting fed up with the Shrek movies. The characters, the way they were structured. It all made it obvious something fresh and new was needed to spice up the series and make things interesting and fun to see again. The way they did this was by releasing this spin-off, which involved just the popular Puss in Boots character, from the previous 3 Shrek movies, voiced again by Antonio Banderas.

So basically this movie is being set in the same Shrek universe but without some of the familiar tropes and characters. This allows "Puss in Boots" to do its own thing and picks its own course. The movie definitely differs in style, humor and its buildup, from all of the Shrek movies. And this is a good thing really. It makes this movie like a much needed breath of fresh air for the entire franchise. However I'm still now more interested in seeing a "Puss in Boots 2" than a "Shrek 5".

Simply said; this is a very entertaining movie. It's a movie that lets you sit back and make you enjoy the ride. It's filled with some great new and fun character, good humor and some nice action in it as well.

The story is not great but it definitely serves its purpose. It provides the movie with plenty of action and adventure elements. Besides, it also provides the the origin- and background story of the Puss in Boots character, which I'm sure lots of people would be interested in.

Absolutely no other characters, from any of the previous Shrek movies, appear in this movie. This means that this movie introduces a whole lot of new characters but luckily not too many though. Basically only two are really important; Kitty Softpaws, the love interest and Humpty Dumpty, the villain, voiced by Salma Hayek and Zach Galifianakis. And they are welcome as characters in this movie. Especially Humpty Dumpty, who is of course absurd to have as a villain, works out really well and entertaining for the movie and Zach Galifianakis did a great job voicing him.

It's still mostly being a kids movie but that of course does not mean it's not fun for adults to watch as well. There are some jokes and references, which only the adults will get, while there is still plenty of silly and slapstick comedy in this movie to amuse the youngest kids. In other words; it's a good family movie!

Visually and technically these movies are also only getting better and better. Especially the movements for all of the characters also seem more fluent than ever, which allows them to do a lot of convincing fighting and battling in this movie, sometimes even the two combined.

Simply a very entertaining movie, that more than serves its purpose and is a real much needed breath of fresh air, after already 4 Shrek movies.


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