This is not really a movie but a pilot for a TV series, that never made it. And while there still was some good potential, I'm glad it did not got turned into a TV-series.

The idea of having an all knowing and strong humanoid android walking around, searching for his purpose, while solving potential crisis's is a pretty good and strong concept, that however does not get handled very well in this movie. It's really lacking two things; excitement and entertainment.

To say it boldly; this is a very boring movie. No action, no real excitement of people constantly being chased, no big mysteries or criminal plots that need to get resolved. Instead this movie mostly consists out of a man and an humanoid android walking around and talking to each other and also learning from each other.

Thing that could had still saved it all was some decent enough entertainment, or perhaps better said some relieving humor. This movie takes itself far too serious, which was its downfall I believe. It makes it all, all the more boring to watch and even makes some of its moments seem ridicules and definitely not interesting enough to follow. You could also say it's lacking a clear objective. You have no idea where the movie its story is supposed to be heading to, since it's all being told in a not so very exciting or interesting enough way.

Perhaps it also simply was a bad idea in the first place to have an humanoid android as the main character itself. Because he and makes jerky movements with his arms and head at times (though this seems to be quite at random when he does this). What is all the more ridicules about this is that normal humans don't seem to notice this and talk to him- and treat him like a normal human being, also no matter what nonsense he ever says.

The idea was good and definitely showed some potential in it. The execution of it was however far too lacking.


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  1. i think it is better than you give it credit for. it presented some interesting technology ideas, and the sequence showing questor's development was pretty good. i do agree that the movie meanders, and has plenty of filler. maybe it would have been better to show the origins of questor to start the movie, and compress the search for his creator. oh well, and interesting concept...