With all the horrible and negative stuff we keep hearing about Iran in the news you would almost forget that there also very ordinary people living there, with all their own needs and emotions. And it also always keeps surprising me that a country, that is considered to be so conservative, keeps on delivering so many great movies, with also often a sort of social commentary in them, such as also this movie carries out.

I'm often quite fond of these simplistic but very honest and straightforward type of drama's, that have a real sense of realism to them. You feel that nothing ever gets exaggerated with any of its drama and emotions and all of the characters and situations in it feel very real.

But what I foremost liked about this movie was that it surprises. It surprises with its story and this movie can really catch you off guard. You think that the movie will be heading into a certain direction with its story and several of its independent plot lines but then things suddenly change, somewhere around the middle, when the story is taking a 180-degree turn and suddenly the movie starts to become about something totally different. Don't worry, I wont spoil it and say what it is but it is truly something that gives the movie more depth, emotion and tension, which makes the movie altogether an even more intriguing watch.

I also loved how the story isn't always telling you everything and you are constantly wondering what is the truth and who is lying and why. This also makes the movie unpredictable and also provides it with plenty of surprising and interesting plot twists, in the movie its second half.

It's also dealing with some delicate issues, for an Islamic movie that is. Issues such as divorce and Alzheimers are being handled, while you could also see this movie as one that is criticizing the Iranian legal system, by showing some of its flaws. But it's also definitely not afraid to show the flaws of us, human beings. This as well obviously adds to the overall realism of the entire movie.

And it's definitely also a well put together movie, that is also a good looking one. The dynamic camera-work really gets you involved with all of the characters and events and the movie has a pleasant pace to it. There is nothing pretentious or overly artistic about this movie, like perhaps some similar movies often tend to do. It's really being an honest movie, about real people, dealing with real life- but not always ordinary, situations.

It's always hard to judge the performance of actors that act in a language I just don't understand but all of the actors in this movie still managed to give me a feeling that their performance in it was really great and very natural. This goes for basically all actors, both young and old.

Of course it's true that you need to be into these sort of movies to fully appreciate it but I just can't imaging someone not being taken by this movie.


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