Really, I can take a lot and normally have a high sense of suspension of disbelief but this movie really pushes it and is just being too ridicules, even for my taste.

To put it boldly; this movie is probably the dumbest heist movie I have ever seen. Really, the whole idea of the heist is already an extremely far fetched and just plain ridicules one but the execution of it also really can't make things interesting or credible enough.

And even though it uses an unusual and also original concept, it still all eventually plays out as just another heist movie. There really isn't anything special or groundbreaking about this movie and I think even the lovers of the genre will be disappointed by the overall execution of this movie. The movie never really manages to become a tense or exciting one. It's really a movie by the numbers, which means that it's an incredibly predictable one, from basically start till finish. Really, if you were surprised by any of the 'twists' in this movie, you seriously need to start watching more movies.

I just don't understand why this movie ever got made but the thing I even understand less is why it still has some pretty good and respectable actors in it. Ed Harris is, for instance, in it as the villain, even though well...he just isn't being much of a villain. He is heavily underused but he still gives the best performance out of the entire movie. I also do admit that Sam Worthington seems to be getting better and better as an actor. He isn't quite there yet but after seeing him in this movie I tend to think we still haven't seen the last or best from him. He'll probably stick around for a couple of more years, playing big roles, in some big blockbuster movies. But there are a whole lot of more actors in this movie that make you go; why are you in this? This also especially goes for Jamie Bell and Kyra Sedgwick, who plays a reporter on the street and gets absolutely nothing else than just that to do in this movie.

I can take formulaic, I can take silly but I just can't take it when a movie is doing some incredibly stupid and non-creative, ridicules stuff with it all.


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