This was a good and pleasant enough little film to watch, though it was not really one that ever connected to me.

Thing I really missed in this movie were some good emotions and some good drama. I just never could feel anything for any of the characters and felt very disconnected from everything that was happening. It's hard to say what caused this but I think I could put most of the blame on the approach by the film-makers, to the movie and its story.

Guess that this movie is just a tad bit too indie-like with its unusual approach and way of storytelling, at times. Sure, it makes the movie pleasant and original to follow but at the same time it prevented me from ever getting into the movie. Or perhaps the movie itself also wasn't really digging deep enough at times. It's never really getting a deep or provoking movie with any of its themes, though the right material for it was all there really.

But it probably sounds like I was absolutely hating this movie, which really wasn't the case. Like I said, it was a very pleasant movie to watch, despite all of the serious subjects in it. Even though the movie doesn't do everything right, it still does nothing that makes you go hate this movie. It's just too charming and harmless for that.

It's also definitely true that it is all being made perfectly watchable by its fine cast, that was involved with making this movie. I know everybody is talking about Christopher Plummer and his Oscar nomination and chances but it really was still Ewan McGregor who was mostly carrying the movie. But by saying this I am of course not dismissing Christopher Plummer's performance. He was also truly great but just not the heart and soul of the movie to me.

Liked watching it but I still don't think this is a movie I would ever like to watch again.


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