It must be because I like horror, since otherwise, this is a pretty bad movie, with a weak, silly story, that besides isn't that well made.

But despite all of the criticism I have about this movie, I still could really enjoy it. It was silly, it was bad but luckily they did not forgot to make the movie entertaining to watch. Plenty is happening for the horror fans and the movie is basically showing every classic horror character you could think off.

It's really a very simplistic movie, that thrives on its concept. What you could say about its first half is that the movie is being a bit like "Tales from the Crypt". It features different 'stories', characters and time periods, every time a character enters the world of a certain wax figure. Because of this concept, the movie can show off with featuring as many horror characters as possible. So, there are vampires, a wolf-man (played by John Rhys-Davies), zombies, a mummy and even more. This is fun and good all, though I would had still preferred if they put some more efforts in these separate stories as well. There really is no story to any of them and it besides doesn't make this the most consistent movie to watch, especially when the second half of the movie is starting to take a more different approach.

The movie is also still lacking a good main character because for most part the movie seems to want to focus on multiple characters, rather on having one of two main characters. Or at least this is the case for the movie its first half. In the second half the movie seems to be more focused and it turns more into a good versus evil type of plot, with David Warner as the evil villain. Neither half of the movie is that great or original but both are still good and enjoyable, each in their own way.

The movie is featuring some pretty decent gore as well, despite being more of a comedy than a straight-forward horror flick really. But some of the effects are really good and the movie isn't afraid to spew out some blood. It's highly enjoyable and surprising as well at times, with its gore.

Not well written and not even all that well made but yet it's a very enjoyable movie, especially when you are into horror.


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