With a movie this short, it's always hard to either really love or hate it, unless it's something completely horrible, or brilliantly clever, funny, or whatever. But this movie is neither of those things really. It's about as good and enjoyable as an 3 minutes short can get but it's not a movie that will leave a terribly big impression on you.

It's a rather good take on paranoia, which gets made amusing by showing and telling the same story twice, told from the female and male character's perspective.

The movie does a good job confusing you at first. You have no idea what direction the movie will be heading to. It seems to become an horror the one moment, while the next it's clearly taking a different turn, by switching things around, while telling the same story from a different character's perspective. But yet here also begins the biggest problem I have with this short movie; its ending.

The ending, in my opinion, doesn't live up to the expectations the movie builds up during its first minutes. It was a bit of a let down and perhaps even a cop out, since the ending really didn't seemed to be in tone with the rest of the movie. You could call it unexpected but I just rather call it misplaced. It's a bit too quirky and unlikely, for my taste.

But technically there obviously is nothing wrong with this movie. It builds up a good atmosphere with its camera-work and lighting. There is good quick pace to it, with some snappy dialog. Really, visually and technically this movie couldn't be much better. Especially when you consider it's such a small, short movie, with also of course a minimal budget behind it.

Definitely worth checking out and why shouldn't you? It's only 3 minutes long!


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