This is a sports movie without sport really. It's more a movie that shows you what is going on behind the scenes, instead of on the field. And luckily the movie is getting told in a good and interesting way, though the subject itself still wasn't all that interesting to me.

It's a movie with lots of talking back and forth between different characters, mostly about numbers and statistics. And it's all good to watch, just not all that interesting or involving to follow. Seriously, I couldn't ever really feel involved with any of the characters and quite frankly I also couldn't have cared less about the Oakland A's winning or loosing their games.

Then why am I still being mostly positive toward this movie in its rating, you might wonder. Well, simply because technically this is a really well made movie. There is no denying it that the movie has a good directing approach to it, which keeps the movie going at all times and prevents it from ever starting to drag or become a boring one to watch. Which is quite an accomplishment really, considering the movie its main premise. It's a bit of a shame director Bennett Miller has only directed 2 movies as of yet, since I definitely want to see far more done by him.

I believe you also really could say that the story has such a good pace to it, thanks to the way it's written. It has good dialog in it and the movie doesn't ever dwell or goes for any cheap and false sentiments, or other Hollywood like developments with its story and drama. It's a movie with a real realistic and human approach to it, which is of course also due to the fact that it's based on a true story and true living persons.

And it's also really being an actor's movie. I really wish Brad Pitt would play in more movies like this and more characters like this as well. He's simply really a great actor and he doesn't need his looks to get a leading and carrying role, in a heavy or serious movie. Jonah Hill was also good, in a rare non-comedic role by him. Both actors even received an Oscar nomination for their work in this movie.

So while it's not being the most interesting movie to watch, it still manages to be a great watch nevertheless.


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