Watching a porn is often more fun than most people think, or are afraid to admit perhaps. Of course it has some bad acting, a silly story and a low budget behind it but the filmmakers and 'actors' at least know this and simply decide to have some fun, while shooting their movie. It's the thing that makes "Dracula Exotica" quite entertaining to watch.

Having the character of Dracula in a porn movie and in modern times is hardly anything original. It has been done a lot and it's still getting done now days. But I can say that this is one of the rare movies in which it actually works out as fun and entertaining.

As far as the genre goes, this is at least a movie that attempts to have a story in it. Not that I cared about it, or could follow it really but it at least ties certain things together, so it's less random to watch than most other genre movies, that basically consists out of a couple of unrelated sex scenes. It's still pretty random the way certain characters are ending up having sex together but oh well, it's a porn flick, so of course there has to be a sex scene in it every 5 minutes or so.

I also really liked the way the movie got shot. It was a very classy movie, with also some good settings and costumes in it. It's weird but you would think the way porn movies got shot would have been improved and perfected over the years but just give me a movie like this over a modern one any day! It's more pleasantly shot, original and overall feels far more authentic as well.

It also stars same well known names, from the world of classic porn, such as Samantha Fox, Vanessa del Rio and Ron Jeremy in a small bit part, in which he gets to show his juggling skills. And you could say what you want about this guy but he's always entertaining to see in anything (or anyone). He always genuinely seems to be having fun with it all and seems to have a great sense of humor as well.

But of course it's not a great movie and it also definitely is a bit overlong. 100 minutes is just far too long for a movie of this sort and it also definitely starts to drag more toward its end. The movie so easily could had ended 30 minutes earlier and I'm sure if it that I would had given the movie a higher rating, if that would had been the case.

It still definitely remains a fun and entertaining enough genre flick, that serves its purpose well.


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