Honestly, with its comedy this movie is not any better or worse than the average modern genre attempt but the one thing that does make this movie worse is the entire way it got told and made.

The one thing with this movie that kept bugging me was that it felt like a couple of loose shot scenes, that weren't really connected by a story. It's like they went ahead and shot this movie before there even was a script ready. It's weird and it makes the movie feel like such an incomplete one.

But other than that, is the humor more lame or childish when compared to other similar genre movies? And is the Jill character really more obnoxious, irritating and unconvincing than any other forced comedy characters? Not really. As a matter of fact, the movie its humor and characters didn't bother me all that much. It's a comedy, so of course everything is being over-the-top. When you go along with that, it's not all that bad of a ride. It might even make you chuckle a couple of times.

One of the things that also really makes the movie worthwhile is Al Pacino as himself. You perhaps would expect his role to be no bigger than a cameo but as a matter of fact he is essential to the 'story' and you could even see he plays the second biggest and most important role out of the movie because Jack and Jill are both being played by the same actor, Adam Sandler, of course. And yes, Al Pacino was quite awesome in this. Most of the movie its best moments involve him and he plays his role very Pacino-like, so all serious and with all of his talents and skills.

It's really too bad he wasn't in a better movie than this one. None of the developments or backgrounds really work out for its story or any of its characters. Because of this also a lot of characters are making a very redundant impression in the movie, such as Jack's wife and kids. And his wife is actually being played by Katie Holmes but her role is hardly important at all for the movie.

It's far from the worst movie I have ever seen, it just is not a very well made one.


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