First of all, I really didn't hated watching this movie, I actually quite enjoyed it but still I just can't rate this movie very highly since it's such an incredibly flawed one, especially story-wise.

Even though prior to this movie I had only seen one other Tarsem Singh movie, that was plenty to see what a kind of director he is and what style he uses. All of his movies are drenched in visual style and that's foremost why I still also really enjoy this movie but he however seems less keen on working with a story. Or at least he's far less focused on it and it comes totally secondary in his movies. That's fine, I mean there are certain cases in which movies get uplifted by their style and in which style over substance can be a good thing but this movie however is far too messy and disjointed with its story.

The main premise of the movie seems pretty clear and is very straight-forward. It's however being told in a far too disjointed way. You'll have a hard time understanding the character's motivations, or what is exactly going on in its story at times. It does take away some of the enjoyment value of this movie.

Basically the only times that remain a great and fun watch is when there's some action on the screen. The action is really beautiful shot and often real spectacular to watch.

Something I also really missed in this movie were some real stars. This movie could had used some real star-power behind it. Now the only good comes from Mickey Rourke, as the main, evil villain. I really liked him but what I would had liked more was a good or likable character to cheer for as well. Yes, I know Henry Cavill is the new Superman and all but in this movie, at this time, he still really is a big nobody. I couldn't really care much for him or his character, so we will still have to wait and see if he'll do better as Superman and Clark Kent.

All I can say that this is a movie you'll probably enjoy watching but won't remember much about afterward.


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