Again, this seems to be a movie that could do very little wrong really, simple because it's having such a fine concept and approach to it. Even though the movie couldn't always hold my interested, I still can't really say much bad about it because it's a just fine and great movie at what it is trying to be and at what its achieving.

Perhaps its true that this movie is better to watch if you're a female, since its a very female orientated movie, with mostly females in the leading and most important roles. I even see this movie as an ode to women and their strengths.

I was always keep hearing people bashing Penélope Cruz her performances. And I can totally relate to those comments...if you only judge her for her English speaking roles. There is a day and night type of difference between her performances in English and Spanish. This best can be seen in her performances in both "Vanilla Sky" and the original Spanish version of it "Abre los ojos". She plays exactly the same character in both movies, yet her performance in the original Spanish one is about 10 times as good and impressive.

But this movie is perhaps an even better example of what her capabilities as an actress are. She truly carries the movie and even lifts it to greater heights. No wonder she received an Oscar nomination for her role in this movie, which was an unique thing for a Spanish actress in a Spanish movie. She is also looking better than ever in this movie, even while she is supposed to play a character older than herself.

Even though its a movie with some surrealistic elements, it's completely one that is made and plays out as a realistic one. It takes a dramatic approach to things, in a raw and gritty way. When watching this movie you almost forget that something 'odd' and unlikely is going on in its story. So that's some really great storytelling from Pedro Almodóvar's part.

The story still felt like it was meandering a bit too much though. It was heading into directions at times I didn't wanted it to go to, simply because it caused the movie to drag and made it less interesting at times. No, I wasn't completely drawn in by this movie but that's perhaps also because these type of European drama's aren't exactly part of my favorite genre. I can still really appreciate it for what is is and the talent that went into making it.

Overall the story still remained a great one to follow though, since it's also featuring a sort of mystery element in it, throughout the entire movie. It has some twits that are unexpected, mainly also because this is just not a ordinary movie. Don't worry, it's not some art-house type of flick but it still is a movie that is very much maintaining its own style and approach throughout.

Especially for women, this is one great movie to watch.


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