This movie is disappointing for numerous reasons. It's a disappointing entry within its genre, that besides is a waste of its impressive cast.

This is a late British horror movie, of the more old fashioned sort. The sort of horror that started off during the '50's and got made big by mostly the Hammer studios. The sort of horror that is not always too well written and not with the most impressive sets or budget behind it but horror with an always great atmosphere and distinctive style to it, which often made them a true pleasure to watch.

You could tell that the era was nearing its end and was more or less over already. This movie is more consistent with other British horror movies from the late '60's, which often focused on the far more psychological horror aspects, rather than old school gore and scares. It's something you could more refer to as Gothic horror. Boris Karloff actually played in quite a lot of movies like this, near the end of his career.

And this movie actually was one of last ones. He died one year after the release of it and it was also quite sad to see how he had to play his role entirely in a wheelchair because of his declining health. Still he is one of the highlights of the movie. Not too many people know it but Karloff was actually one fine, great actor, who was capable of way more than just playing the Frankenstein monster.

Of course it was also great to see him act along sides other great horror icons, such as Christopher Lee, Barbara Steele and Michael Gough. But it's not like their roles are that great really. The story is also not very consistent with any of its characters. Sometimes they disappear out of the story completely for a too long time.

And here is one of the biggest problems of the movie; its story. It's a quite messy one really, that besides is lacking in some real good tension or mystery. The movie remains barely interesting enough to keep watching, which is still mostly thanks to its compelling actors, who still of course have some great screen presence. And the real horror lover will of course still get a kick out of it, seeing the likes of Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee interacting and doing a scene together. This alone should be reason enough for them to go and watch this movie.

However let me just warn you by saying that the movie itself isn't much good really.


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