It's amazing how this movie made me realize how fond I actually was of the first movie "The Cheerleaders". It was trash but really entertaining and fun trash. I just can't say the same about this sequel.

I just never really had any fun with this movie. It doesn't really has comedy in it, or at least not of the funny kind. It just isn't as fun or clever written as the first movie. As a matter of fact, you could even say that this movie is bit overwritten, as strange as that perhaps might sound. With that I mean, is that the movie takes itself and its story a bit too serious. This movie didn't needed to have a main plot line in it! It should had been about silly teenagers, doing silly teenagers stuff, all sex related.

But you can't even really call this a sexploitation flick. Really, it has far too little sex and nudity in it for that. Like I said, it's just too heavy on its story, which does not suit the genre at all.

Another reason why I really wasn't taken by this movie was because it was lacking some good, or likable enough, characters in it. This is something the first movie did really right! Every character had a very distinctive personality and was often very likable because of that. In this movie I still can't tell you who is who in it. All I remember is that one of the guy's name was Bucky Larson.

It's not exactly the worst movie I have ever seen, also not within its genre but it's still a very lacking- and a just not fun enough movie. Just stick with the original!


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