It's hard to form an opinion about this movie really, since it's hard to say what the movie is actually trying to achieve and say. This also means that the movie is quite an unique one really, which is something that still makes this movie interesting and a good watch.

Thing I'm still confused about is if it was supposed to be Christian propaganda or one that criticizes and openly questions it. That movie does both things really, which also does make the movie more or less unpredictable, which is however also a positive thing though of course. Perhaps this was also exactly what the film-makers were aiming for; confuse its viewers so that they can openly question and think about things and get into discussions with each other. Seems to me that everybody will interpret this movie in their own way and both Christians and atheists can both get plenty out of this movie.

So really no matter how you feel about this movie, you'll still get intrigued by it. This is a great power that this movie has and the foremost reason why I actually ultimately ended up liking it, even though I didn't always understood what was going on exactly.

This is a bit of a problem with the movie. It gets a quite messy one at times and due to its storytelling, we have to take a lot of things for granted. Not everything feels- and flows naturally, which doesn't always make this the most believable movie.

But perhaps it feels a bit off and odd just because the movie is taking such an original approach and features an unique concept in it. Because of that it is hard to compare this to anything we know and are familiar with. It's just a one of a kind movie that you should also take that way. Don't think too much about its storytelling or acting, just focus on its themes instead and you'll see that this is a quite good and intriguing movie.

Christian or atheist; the movie doesn't really pick 'sides' with anyone and everyone will get something different out of this movie.


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