It's no big secret that I'm not too fond on Jesus Franco movies. His movies are often a mixture of horror and erotica, with as a big problem that none of his movies really stand out as either horror or as porn.

Jesus Franco does again a great job at keeping a story hidden, somewhere deep down in his movie. Seriously, there just really is no story. The movie is basically Lina Romay walking around naked and literally bumping into the camera, while she is also occasionally having sex with both males or females. It doesn't has really anything to do with horror or vampirism, though this is also still dependent of what version of the movie you're watching.

There are so many different versions of this movie out there. The one I watched was unfortunately the longest one available, which was the German version of this movie, which also had all of the hardcore porn sequences in it. And that's of course also how old porn should be watched; with German synchronization.

But still I would recommend it more for people to watch the soft-core version of this movie instead. All of its hardcore moments are incredibly poorly filmed and actually look like it comes straight out of Jesus Franco personal home shot videos. It looks completely different from the way the rest of the movie got shot. It only consists out of extreme close-ups and the camera never moves or cuts away. Basically it all are some long, hairy shots, that all end with an (fake) orgasm. It slows down the movie extremely and at least the rest of the movie is somewhat better looking because it got filmed with some more taste and quality to it.

But as far as Jesus Franco movies go; I didn't hated watching this one, which is probably the most positive thing I could ever say about a Jesus Franco movie. I can't understand it either how people could actually like and enjoy watching it but there apparently is a big market for it out there. So if these kind of movies are your thing, you probably aren't going to care what I think and have to say about this movie anyway, since it clearly just isn't my thing.


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