Can't really say that this is a great movie or a good comedy even but I do see it as a quite good one for a young crowd.

It's a quite simplistic movie but it's also a fun one to watch. Nothing really stands out but it basically serves its purpose well enough. Well, almost, fore I felt that the movie perhaps could had been more edgy to make some of its points come across as more powerful and effective.

It seems to me that the movie is trying to be a bit of an Italian social commentary on (illegal) immigration and the way Italians deal with it, as well as a commentary on today's Italian youth and how they get looked upon- and treated by the older generation. This all only seems to play somewhat of a role in the first half of the movie but after that gets abounded pretty quickly and the movie turns into a far more simplistic one, without any deeper meaning to anything. In that regard this movie does also feel like a quite pointless one.

It's already a bad idea to have Dracula walk around in modern times. This has never really worked out that well in any movie. This movie does feature some interesting ideas in it and it can somewhat be seen as a modern retelling and take on the Dracula story, with of course a less serious approach to it all. So it's not the worst movie at what it is trying to do but just don't expect a real Dracula or vampire movie when you're going to watch this one, since it actually has very little to do with anything horror related.

Still I liked the modern style of this movie and the entire way it got shot. It's a sort of new wave of film-making, that happens all across Europe, that gets aimed completely toward the younger generations.

The acting is quite poor in parts and it seems to me that most of the cast consists out of non-professional actors but the movie does still feature some good and likable characters in it, so the acting really is no big complaint, since the characters still work out well enough.

Can't say that this is a great movie by any means but it manages to serve its purpose- and reach its targeted audience well enough with its approach.


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