This movie has grown out to be a fan favorite and even a bit of a cult classic already. I however was less impressed with it. Yes, it's a good and fun movie but it at the same time is also far from a great or hilarious one.

Thing that makes this movie is its originality. It's an horror comedy that is unique with its approach really. The movie plays out like an actual serious horror/slasher, in which a bunch of teenagers end up death, one by one. Only difference is that they are killed due to their own stupidity and prejudices against rednecks. They mistake Tucker & Dale for bloodthirsty serial killers and no matter what Tucker & Dale try to show their friendly nature and good intentions, things only get made worse due to the big misunderstandings between the two different social classes.

And this is why I foremost liked this movie. It plays out like a real modern slashers, in which a bunch of teenagers get stuck in the woods somewhere and end up all getting killed off, one by one. It really progresses in the same way as an actual serious slasher and also features all of the clichés and formulaic characters. You could say that "Tucker & Dale vs Evil" is a real spoof of the genre and does a good job at it, while also still being original on its own, despite the presence of all of the familiar clichés.

This is also where the movie draws all of its comedy from. It makes the movie fun and tongue-in-cheek but I can't really say that the movie ever becomes an hilarious one. The movie is not well enough written for that and it's lacking a certain edge that allows things to go over-the-top more, like for instance a movie like "Shaun of the Dead" did all had in it.

It's not to sound like a nitpick but it's just so that the movie isn't as good as it potentially could had become and the fan-boys are drooling a bit too much over it right now. But having said that; I obviously still really liked the movie and also thinks it's a bit of shame that the movie isn't more recognized, by a broader audience.

It's definitely a skilfully made movie, also especially when you consider its recourses. This was a low-budget and low-key production, also without any real big names involved. I only wished that they didn't used so many CGI for its gore effects. Seriously, stop doing that horror film-makers out there. It's so cheap and fake looking.

I really liked it a lot, just didn't loved it as everyone else that watches it seems to do.


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