Thing that I can appreciate about this movie series is that it keeps reinventing itself with each movie. Even though the main premise always remains the same, they still manage to come up with new fresh takes on it.

This movie is perhaps the most original one of its series, when it comes down to its approach but at the same time I also really wouldn't want to call it the best one of the its series.

The thing that makes this movie original is its approach. Instead of being a typical ghost story, it tries to be a more emotionally involving one, by actually telling large part of the story from the viewpoint of an actual ghost. So people who are expecting an horror, with all of the thrills and scares that go along with this, will perhaps feel cheated and disappointed by this movie but those who want something 'different' for a change will surely be able to appreciate this.

But the movie itself is only half good really. So yes, it has an original approach to its genre but it is only able to do so much with it. The movie runs out of steam about halfway through and when the movie picks up pace again the story suddenly becomes needlessly complicated and hard to follow, which is also a bit in contrast with the rest of the movie.

Other than that this movie is one fine and originally done genre movie, that never becomes truly bad but in the end also never really stands out in any way, despite its original approach.


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