Me and French comedies will probably never become friendly with each other. On top of that, I have still yet to see a Jean-Luc Godard movie that I actually do like.

This movie is typical of French comedies of its era, with featuring many long, stretched out scene's, in which it always remains the question of actually something good or funny will be happening at the end of it. Too often the answer to this is no.

But it's also no an usual comedy or movie really. It's still more artistic than anything else really and it doesn't really necessarily follow a real plot. As a matter of fact, it features an extremely simplistic written story, in which things just seem to happen at random, without making a clear point about anything.

Movies of this sort often get called a social satires or commentaries but I got absolutely nothing out of this movie. If there was a message in this all I surely missed it but somehow I also don't think Jean-Luc Godard was really trying to tell anything. It seems like he more wanted to test its audience by how they would be responding to certain sequences and themes that raise up in this movie. It's a movie that mostly attempts to shock, by becoming an odd sort of anarchistic comedy.

And I can surely still appreciate the whole way this movie is being made. Despite coming across as utterly pointless I still couldn't really hate it, since its a skillfully directed movie, that often is also a real pleasure to look at. Visually this movie does has some great moments in it, which mostly come from the movie its technical aspects. There is some great camera-work in this movie, which is really about the only thing that stands out about this movie.

No, guess I'm just not really a Jean-Luc Godard fan.


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