When people think of this movie they often seem to forget that this actually a comedy. And a pretty good one it is!

It's a very simple movie, in about every way imaginable. It was a very cheap film to make, with a very simple and straightforward story in it but none of this is a downside really, since the movie actually is all more about being subtle with its approach and its storytelling.

Its simplicity actually makes this a very honest and sweet little film. It makes the characters human and believable ones and all of the emotions and actions within this movie sensible and easy to identify with.

But like I said, people foremost shouldn't forget that this is actually being a comedy. It's so easy to see or remember this movie as a drama, with perhaps some thriller elements in it, since the premise of the movie actually make it seem that way. It's also not really a comedy that tries to force its comedy upon you. Just like the entire movie; the comedy is subtle. It's also not the sort of stuff that will make you laugh at loud but it does occasional put on smile on your face and its approach makes the movie a very pleasant one to follow. You could really thank director Mike Nichols for this, since its a style and approach that he has mastered and has put to use in some of his other movies. Pretty surprising from a guy who prior to this had only directed one movie, which was a completely different one as well, namely; "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?".

The story does at times looses some of its focus though and we just have to assume- and take for granted a lot of things within the movie. This isn't always really working but it in no way ever makes the movie a bad one to watch, just a not perfect one, which is no big shame of course really.

The movie is also being made really better by its actors. It actually made me realize once more what a great comedy actor Dustin Hoffman actually is. His delivery and timing is absolutely spot on at times. It actually was one of his first real movie roles, which makes his achievement ever more impressive. Also a fun fact hat he only was only 6 years Anne Bancroft's junior, even though in the story she was supposed to be twice the age of the Hoffman character.

It's a (deliberatly) minimalistic made movie but that is really not saying anything about the quality of this movie, which is simply very high. Just take the Robert Surtees cinematography for instance, which was simply superb. It got also nominated for an Oscar and really should had won as well, in my opinion. The movie was further more nominated in 6 more categories but it strangely enough only won in the best director category. I say strangely enough, since it is quite unusual for a movie to only receive an Oscar for the best director and win nothing else. But Mike Nichols still of course deserved it though. It's a really well made and directed movie by him! It also was the only Oscar he has won, till date.

A really good but above all things also a really enjoyable movie to watch! Even after all those years it hasn't lost any of its power.


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