It has been ages since I have seen the first movie "Re-Animator" but what I can remember from it; it was absolutely one of the most fun horror experiences I ever had and I genuinely liked it much better than I had ever expected. This is really not something that I can say about this sequel.

This was a pretty bad movie, plain and simple. It has a very weak story, that the film-makers don't even seem able to handle but what was mostly disappointing that this movie really wasn't much fun to watch. There really is no good comedy in this movie, which already is plenty of reason to just skip on this movie.

Guess it has lots to do with the fact that this movie had a different director involved. And not a very good one! Brian Yuzna's directing is incredible lacking. The movie has an awful pace and it takes a long while for the story to actually kick in. But once it does it becomes all the more apparent what an incredible mess this movie actually is. Different story lines are hanging together, without really making an apparent connection. Lots of characters and actors from the first movie return in this one but you really should wonder why they are even in this. They don't really have a big impact on the story it seems and the movie could had so easily done without most of them. They just seemed to be thrown in all, in a desperate attempt to continue to the series. This still somewhat worked though, since there actually is one more sequel; "Beyond Re-Animator", which got made 13(!) years later. I hope this doesn't mean that we can still expect more sequels to be made in the far future.

Just like the first movie, it's deliberately trying to be B-movie like, with over-the-top moments and silly characters but by doing so this movie actually becomes a B-movie itself and just not a very good or enjoyable one.

it's also a problem that this movie truly seems to be lacking creativity. Nothing surprising ever occurs and it's actually amazing that this project ever got green-lighted by the studios. It had been 5 years since the first and previous movie and this is all they could come up with? Extremely disappointing! Not even the gore is very good, while they could had done lots of awesome and crazy stuff with it really! All of the potential and ingredients were there. You know this once you have seen the first original movie but things went completely to waste in this lacking and disappointing sequel.

It's also not like the movie is completely horrible but it's just that this movie is so incredibly lacking with its pace, story, character development, comedy, directing, music, creativity, acting and basically everything else in between, that this becomes a weak and disappointing. late, sequel.


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