Of course not much was to be expected of this movie but that doesn't make the viewing experience of it any better. It's an obviously cheap movie, that got poorly put together by an also very obviously inexperienced cast and crew.

I'm taking into consideration the budget and time that went into this movie and in that regard it really isn't an horrible picture and on some levels actually quite an achievement but the overall end result isn't exactly anything that I would recommend to anybody.

Thing with this movie is that it's storytelling never really flows pleasantly. The movie has an hard time finding the right pace and its story and writing isn't helping very much. It often is all over the place and is heading in all kinds of different directions. The one moment it's more of a psychological horror, the other a gory slasher and then the other suddenly a weird sort of zombie flick. Not a very consistent movie with its horror, nor with its story. It does not only confuse me, it also annoys, which is arguable even worse.

But something that annoyed me way more (next to its acting) was the absolutely horrible soundtrack this movie had. It was so incredibly noisy and without rhythm or tone that it almost caused my head to explode at several points throughout the movie.

But these cheap sort of '70's genre movies are not without its charm really. It actually only adds to the movie its atmosphere that this isn't a perfect looking movie and features some shaky camera-work and cheap effects in it. If you can enjoy these sort of movies, this one is still worth giving a go.

For everybody else; just skip it!


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