This is a movie that works out much better than the second one did. All I can say is that Brian Yuzna had definitely grown- and gained more experience as a director, since he doesn't make the same mistakes he still did make with the second movie out of the series, which he also had directed.
It's still far from a great movie but it's just still such a big relief that it isn't half as bad as its disappointing predecessor. the most pleasant thing about this movie is that it thankfully features some good comedy again. It's a fun movie to watch. And also nothing more than that really but that's really enough to still consider this a watchable enough movie.

The first sequel "Bride of Re-Animator" felt the need to be just like the first movie, which meant that it basically was a less impressive rehash of the first movie really. It also made the mistake by featuring most characters out of the first movie again, while this third movie is far more original with its story and also has lots of new characters in it. Dr. Herbert West is the only returning character and also was the only one needed really. It actually also makes this movie work out way better as a sequel and it made me wish that the second movie never got made at all and this is the only true sequel to the cult-classic "Re-Animator", from 1985.

It's still a movie that does plenty wrong though. Even though the story is more original this time, it isn't exactly being a solid one either. Especially the second half of the movie feels quite messy and the movie starts to loose the focus on its main characters. If the movie would had been more like its first half, it would had been a much better movie entirely.

But I at least never got really bored with it and I also never hated anything about it. The movie managed to find the right balance between all of its comedy and B-movie ingredients, which made this movie work out as a genuinely fun one to watch.

It was also a well looking movie, that besides featured some good effects and gore in it. All despite its very low budget. Especially when you start putting all those things in perspective, this is simply a good movie to watch, within its genre.

Finally, after 18 years, a worthy and fun enough sequel to "Re-Animator"!


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