This sequel got released only just one year after the first movie, which normally really isn't a good sign but surprisingly enough this movie is not only different from the first movie, it's also a much better one.

I really wasn't too impressed with the first installment out of the Yeogo goedam movie-series. Luckily its sequel is a superior one, in about every way possible. It's still not a perfect movie but it at least is a greatly watchable and refreshingly original one.

It must be because this movie is being directed and written by two new fresh persons. It makes this movie quite different from the first one, which only works out positively for this movie. Their fresh new take on this movie ensures that the story works out better this time around, as well as its tension and mystery,

It still is mostly being a movie that mostly consists out of buildup, without too much happening in it but at least the movie this time remains a far more interesting one. It's also really because the characters work out real well.

The movie has some very convincing characters in it. They all behave like real schoolgirls and you actually believe that these girls have known each other all for years. I really liked their relationships and how they and the teachers got portrayed in this movie. It gave the movie a real realistic touch, which made the movie a compelling one.

Visaually the movie is also definitely an improvement over the first. The camera-work and lighting all seems far more professional, as if they also had an higher budget to spend. My guess is that both Tae-Yong Kim and Kyu-Dong Min had watched lots of Japanese horror flicks in preparation for this movie. Yes, it's a South-Korean movie but it really got done in the style of a typical Japanese horror flick, that has supernatural tendencies in it.

And it's also perhaps better to call this movie a supernatural thriller instead of an horror flick, in order not to create any false expectations for this movie. It's one that really builds on its atmosphere and mystery, rather than having scare moments and gore in it. I don't mind this, since this movie handles it all really well and effectively.

Yes, the story and the movie can get quite confusing at times but I like that this movie tries to be different and more creative and original with all of its story elements.

A surprisingly good sequel.


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