This is a rather late vengeance exploitation-flick, that is almost a good movie.

This is really a movie in the vain of violence filled '70's flicks, in which the main character goes on a killing spree, once a loved one gets hurt, raped, or murdered. Charles Bronson his Death Wish movies are of course the best and also best known example of these type of movies. "Savage Streets" is a movie that features such a main premise in it but I can't really say that it handled it very well.

First of all, it takes far too long for the 'action' to finally kick in. the movie feels stretched out and could had gotten to its point way earlier on. And when the Linda Blair suddenly goes on her revenge tour, it sort of comes out of the blue. She wasn't the tough, cold and well calculated young woman before that point, who would have no difficulties with taking somebody else his life. And where on Earth did she get that crossbow from so suddenly? Was it lying under her bed for protection all that time? No, it really isn't the most convincing or solidly written movie within its genre but it at least has plenty of redeeming qualities in it still.

One is that no matter how stretched out the movie feels at times, it never becomes a boring one to watch. Pointless yes but boring no. Lots of stuff and characters really weren't needed in this movie but they at least keep things going at all time.

I really don't think that the lovers of trashy and simplistic cinema would mind watching this movie. The movie is simple, mostly straightforward (good is really good and evil is really evil) and features plenty of nudity and violence, though that last is nothing too impressive or gory to see. They will take this movie for what it is and also enjoy it for that, though even they will see that that this is not a great movie in any way.

Also can't really say that Linda Blair impressed me. She wasn't always very convincing in her role but what was worse; her acting really wasn't that good! Especially when she had to play the tough girl her acting fell through.

Not an horrible movie, as far as the genre goes but also not exactly a very impressive one.


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