This is quite an odd movie. Nothing is really all that bad about it but it somehow, at the same time, also never manages to really entertaining or intrigue in any way.

Yes, this basically is a movie you can very easily do without. It also wasn't really a commercial success at the time of its release and it's basically a movie that is extremely forgettable.

Everything is so bland about this movie. It features all of the typical characters and the story really isn't original or surprising in any way. But what is maybe worse is that the comedy is also really bland. This really was supposed to be a fun and entertaining action comedy to watch but let me ask you; where is the fun and comedy in this all? This is what mostly makes "The Losers" a disappointment and also ultimately a very forgettable movie, you can easily do without.

Because of this all, you just also never really get into this movie or get to care about any of its characters. I actually have no idea what the story was all about, simply because I couldn't care less about anything that was happening in it. But it also is really because the movie isn't pleasant to follow. The pacing is really off and tries to be too hip and stylish with its action but also when there is nothing happening in this movie at all. All sequences in this movie feel really very disconnected from each other, as if they were shooting about 3 different movies at the same time, that they only at the end decided to throw together in the editing room. Things that happen in the movie don't seem to have any consequences later on, so why should you even bother to try and follow it.

But at the very same time it is also thanks to its very high pace that the movie still remains a watchable one. It just never becomes boring, even when not an awful lot is happening and luckily the movie is also filled with plenty of action.

Biggest mystery of this movie remains why Sylvain White was appointed as director. He has a terrible track record with movies like "Stomp the Yard", "Trois 3: The Escort" (what?) and "I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer". The straight to video third movie out of the 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' trilogy, that no one has ever heard of or seen. Why should you appoint such a director, who doesn't even have experience with action, to your multi-million movie production. But having said that, this movie is probably the best one out of his career, as of yet, which is thanks to its same multi-million budget. You just can't call this movie a small one and its slick looking with plenty of good action in it.

It also isn't the actor's fault really that none of their characters really work out interesting enough. Just blame the source material, the writing and pacing for that. But even so, I have to say that Zoe Saldana seemed really miscast. She was supposed to be a strong, independent, female character, with some femme fatale touches to it. But she really doesn't have the right looks for such a role, basically because she looks like a small gust of wind could had knocked her over at any time.

With all this criticism, it sounds like this is a very bad movie but like i mentioned before, there is not really anything that is horrible about this movie. Every flaw and weakness just make this movie a not so very entertaining or enjoyable movie to watch but its pacing, look and action is all so slick and fast that you often tend to forgive the movie its weaknesses and simply go along with the ride, no matter how silly it all can get as well at times.

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