This movie wasn't at all what I was expecting from it. Its cover and tag-line also surely don't prepare you for the type of movie this actually is. You might be expecting a straightforward horror flick, involving murderous, demonic little creatures but the movie in fact seems more focused on all of its sadomasochistic and bondage stuff.

It almost seems to me as if they were filming two totally different movies at the same time, in which eventually all of the sadomasochistic and bondage stuff got the upper hand because it was the cheapest and easiest to do, as opposed to all of its horror and creature stuff.

It doesn't really make this a very attractive movie to watch for the lovers of low-budget horror flicks. A shame really, since the creature design isn't all that bad and the movie does feature still some typical genre moments in it, involving gore, so the right talents and ideas where there.

It now instead is a terribly ineffective genre movie, that never in any way gets tense or exciting to watch.

The movie itself looks like it got shot somewhere in the early '90's (and no, that really isn't a compliment) and remained on the shelves for a couple of years before it finally got released. It has got this horrible shot on video look to it, which makes this movie seem all the more cheap and makes it even more ineffective or involving to watch.

Not completely unwatchable but it certainly is one lacking and also still disappointing little genre flick.


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