Thank Jesus! Here is actually a deliberate B-movie that is good but above all fun to watch.

Most problem with modern B-movies is that they are all too aware of themselves, are are too forced with all of its B-movie ingredients. This movie just doesn't seem to care about what it is or who it is going to appeal to. It's just doing his own thing, which makes this movie an odd but fun viewing experience.

It's still deliberately a B-movie though and made to look deliberately bad and silly at times, without it ever coming across as forced. You can't even call it a B-movie at times but more of an amateur student-film. It has some deliberately bad fighting and gory sequences in it, awkward musical moments, bad writing and the entire movie is dubbed, to make the entire movie seem even more cheap and amateur like than it already was. The movie really manages well to create its own style and look. There is no other movie like "Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter" really, or anything that can even be remotely compared to it.

Yes, it's a pretty weird movie and by no means a great one or even a well made one. It's very random with its story and everything that is happening in it and more than often it really isn't making any sense. But I actually loved this movie for not making any sense with its story, characters and events. It was what made this movie such a fun one throughout and you don't have to think or worry about anything and simply enjoy the movie for what it is. I don't even think it was really intended to have a story in it. Just a couple of guys and girls wanting to have a good time and make the movie they would all enjoy watching. It explains why the movie has Jesus, Kung-Fu fighting, vampires, a wrestler and lesbians in it. I don't think any of them will move on to do great things within the movie industry but at least they with this movie delivered one they can look back at with pride and nothing but good feelings, I would imaging, since this movie most likely was a whole lot of fun to make.

Thank you Christ!


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