Not much that can be said about this movie, basically because it's a sort of movie that everyone will experience different and interpret it in different ways. Some will get more out of this movie than others and I can only say how I experienced this movie and why I think it's an original- but not perfect movie.

Basically I saw this movie as an original and far from formulaic thriller. This is a good thing to say of course, since it means that not only the movie is original in its genre, it also works out surprising with some of its twists and angles to its story and storytelling.

Like often seems to be the case with Michael Haneke movies, you need to fill the blanks in for yourself. The movie really doesn't explain an awful lot, with forces you to use your own thoughts and creativity to figure things out. Personally I like this approach of storytelling, though I have to admit that I don't regard this movie as the best example of this way of film-making. Yes, Michael Haneke has also handled this way of storytelling better in some of his other movies.

I think he probably still would had gotten away with it if the movie was a bit more pleasant and inviting to look at. And with this I mean it's visual look. With a bit of a more artistic approach to the camera-work the movie could had potentially worked out as more intriguing. This was the only thing I was really disappointed about. The story and its concept seemed to have plenty of creativity and originally in it but they didn't really successfully managed to give the movie that look and feel as well.

And the movie also does feel as a bit of a long and slow sit because of that, even though the movie is under 2 hours short. It's why the movie at first sight also seems like a really boring one but once you allow yourself to get into it and read more into things you'll discover that the movie and its story have far more to offer. It's a movie with lots of underlying themes in it, which you might not even all notice at your first viewing. It therefore perhaps is a movie you need to see at least twice and it might be even possible that you'll experience this movie totally differently on its viewing.

Good and original movie but not a perfect execution of it all.


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