Great, another low-budget zombie movie attempt that adds absolutely nothing new. On top of that, it's a really poorly done film, with bad effects, a non-existent story and some real bad directing and acting throughout.

The foremost problem of this movie is that it's thinking too highly of itself. It obviously very blatantly tries to be like another "Dawn of the Dead", with as a big difference that none of the persons involved with this movie were very talented ones. It tries to do too much with it's gore and action, while the movie clearly didn't had the budget for it. The gore isn't very convincing, just like it's make-up effects and seem to be only put in the movie for that sake of having some gore in it. Same goes for all of the nudity and sex scenes. They are so terribly pointless and random. The movie should had been way more creative and should had tried less to impersonate other successful genre movies from the past.

It's a real poorly put together film, that doesn't even really follow a good clear main story. It makes the movie all the more pointless to watch. What makes it all the more worse is the fact that the movie is totally lacking in some good or likable enough characters. This movie could had uses a main hero but instead now we got some flat characters, you don't even remember the names off. There are also far too many characters in it. Seriously, this movie should have had only 3 or 4 main characters at most in it, to keep things at least somewhat more engaging and easy and more pleasant to follow.

It's a straight to video movie that also got shot on video, which just isn't the best or most professional look for a movie. It makes it look all extremely amateur like, which in essence is of course right, since this movie got made by non-professionals, without a decent budget backing them up. But saying that this movie is bad simply because it didn't had a decent budget behind it really wouldn't be a fair assumption. The movie is bad in many ways, that aren't necessarily

budget related. The pace and setup is really poor, as is its editing, writing and acting. All things that just simply indicate that none of the persons involved with this movie are among the most talented ones around, which is still the foremost reason why this movie simply fails to deliver.

As far as low-budget horror goes; this is isn't the worst attempt I have ever seen and I didn't hated it watching as much as lots of other modern horror attempts but this still remains a movie that you should simply skip, even if you're a lover of zombie flicks.


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