This movie might perhaps sound awesome; a Clint Eastwood directed movie, starring Clint Eastwood stealing a plain from the Russians, in the midst of the cold war period. The end result is however a very mixed bag, that isn't terribly exciting to watch.

It's a maintaining enough movie to watch but it's definitely lacking. The movie is stuck somewhere between a serious cold war spy thriller and a more over-the-top action movie. It makes it a pretty messy movie to watch at times. Some real sloppy directing from Eastwood in this one, as if his mind wasn't fully set to this movie at all.

The movie is filled with too many slow moments. The first half of the movie is just basically Eastwood wandering around and Russians looking suspiciously at him and asking for his papers. I can't believe how many times someone gets asked for their papers throughout this movie. You could really make a drinking game out of it.

The movie does has some action in it, especially toward the end but even the action isn't very exciting to watch. Eastwood's directing is also really lacking in that department for this movie. It doesn't help much that the movie is using some not so very convincing early special effects for all of its aerial action. It still is mostly disappointing that the action does not work out at all, since the entire movie seems to be build around its action, rather than its story.

And the story is really some typical spy movie stuff. Nothing surprising or original really occurs in this movie, which makes you wonder why this got turned into a movie by Eastwood in the first place. It must had been because the cold war was at an high and a popular subject for film-makers to turn to, while also using it as a sort of propaganda tool, to also do their part during the whole conflict.

Not a bad movie, just not a very engaging or exciting one.


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